Don’t Be Baffled by the Bull****

When insurance people use industry jargon to explain your benefit plan, they do very little in explaining what terms like Deductible, Co-insurance, and Out-of-Pocket Maximun really mean.  Find out how easy it is to understand.

Debunking the Deductible

Having the lowest deductible may not be always the best option.  Learn how deductibles impact your monthly cost and how you could save a lot of money making the right choice for you.


Co-insurance kicks in after the Deductible has been satisfied.  This is when the insurance company starts to help you pay the bill.  Having a bigger split isn’t always a bad thing.

No Choice, No Voice

Make sure you are offering all of the options available to your employees.  They know what’s best for them.  Let them make the decision.

My Baby Needs Some Milk

Make sure you have the ability to take part in programs that protect your family and your household from things that your medical insurance doesn’t cover.

It’s Free, So Get PAID!

Almost every medical and supplemental insurance compay out there provide incentives for preventative care.  Many of these incentives are CASH MONEY!  Are you leaving money on the table?

The DOL will FYU

Don’t let the Department of Labor put you in a bind.  Make sure you have all the proper compliance components in place for your business when you offer a medical benefit plan.  We can provide you these services at no cost to the business.

HR Does Not Stand For Human Relief

Is your broker actually helping your HR department make things easier?  Find out how Cornerstone can be an asset in managing your employee benefit plan.

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