Affordable Care Act

Learn key terms, employer requirements, types of healthcare exchanges, and how the metallic tiers compare.
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What is The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), often more commonly known as Obamacare, still leaves employers confused, especially when it comes to a business owner’s responsibility to their employees, even if they do not fall under the mandate requirement to provide health insurance.  Cornerstone has done extensive research into the nuances of the law and developed strategies that help business owners and their employees take advantage of the features and benefits the ACA provides.

Is ACA Better or Worse for Employers?

While the media has highlighted instances of drastic rate increases, which has happened, and major infrastructure issues with the various Exchange Websites, it has been our experience here at Cornerstone that many of our clients now have medical protection they can afford where before it was not.  With that being said, Cornerstone provides an apolitical approach to the law and how it applies to our clients.  Please feel free to read through the information we have here to familiarize yourself with the law or contact us directly to set up a complimentary consultation on how the ACA can help your business and family.

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