Compliance Administration

Don’t assume your company is in compliance. Laws change every week. Leave compliance administration to the professionals.

Compliance Checklist for State & Federal Laws

When a company introduces a benefit plan to its employees, there is much more to take into consideration than just what medical insurance options to choose.  There are federal and state laws requiring businesses to disclose documents to their employees in order to stay in compliance.  The checklist to make sure your company is compliant with just one of those laws, ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), is over 60 pages long!

Avoid Penalties for Non-Compliance

For many business owners compliance is not just an oversight, they simply do not even know these rules apply to them or how to follow the rules.  Cornerstone can help with this.  Most brokerages simply shop the marketplace for a plan(s) and provide quotes on the cost.  The costs they overlook are the penalties a company may be subject to if it is out of compliance.  Don’t assume you’re doing everything right.  You’re probably not.  A complimentary compliance audit performed by our trained consultants can make sure you are in compliance and on the right track.

100% Compliance Guarantee!

When you become a client with Cornerstone, we make sure you are 100% compliant with the law.  Don’t mitigate a few dollars in premium the could cost you thousands in fines and penalties.  Let us help you set right foundation today!

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We know how confusing employee benefits can be. That's why we offer 1-on-1 sessions. Go ahead, ask us anything!

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Compliance Administration

Don't assume your company is in compliance. Laws change every week. Leave compliance admin to the professionals.

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Electronic Enrollment

Eliminate the mounds of paper involved in HR documentation. We use 100% electronic enrollment with secure and redundant technology.

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