Plan Administration

Cornerstone’s Client Portal provides your employees access to the information they need to make claims and find in-network doctors and dentists.  The Plan Administrator Portal allows administrators to update records when a new employee is added or when an employee terminates.

Compliance Information

Get detailed information on compliance regulations that affect your business when offering a benefit plan.  These regulations can have a detrimental impact to your bottom line if not followed correctly.  Cornerstone specializes in helping their clients stay compliant.

Just Added a New Hire?

There are a lot of steps when bringing on a new person.  The on-boarding process can be daunting.  Especially when it comes time to set up their benefits. We can help!  Just fill out our New Hire Form accessed through our Plan Administrator Portal and we will take it from there.

Had to Let Someone Go?

When the decision is made for an employee to leave, either voluntarily or involuntarily, there are more steps to be taken than just processing the last paycheck.  Just fill out our Termination Form accessed through our Plan Administrator Portal and we will handle the rest.


two men consulting on benefits for employees

1-on-1 Benefits Consulting

We know how confusing employee benefits can be. That's why we offer 1-on-1 sessions. Go ahead, ask us anything!

woman auditing company benefits policies for compliance

Compliance Administration

Don't assume your company is in compliance. Laws change every week. Leave compliance admin to the professionals.

employee filling out employment forms for a job

Electronic Enrollment

Eliminate the mounds of paper involved in HR documentation. We use 100% electronic enrollment with secure and redundant technology.

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